Knott Mill Fair, Manchester, 1850
This annual pleasure fair commenced on Monday last (Easter Monday), in Camp Field, and the various approaches to it were lined with stalls, etc. Hay Market was filled with flying boats, round boats, and two or three booths, in one of which there were to be seen two anatomical figures.

The large space flanking the Hall of Science was filled with various booths. Some of these contained waxwork figures, others were miniature circuses; and in one a Wizard Queen performed wonderful feats, and showed "young men their future wives, and young women their future husbands".

There were also two or three booths in which what were called tragedies, dramas, etc were served up for "one penny only", by actors and actresses in nondescript dresses.

Wombwell's Menagerie occupies its usual place in the fair. Deansgate was made inconveniently narrow, from Peter-street to Great Bridgewater-street, by double ranges of stalls. In consequence of the wetness of the weather, the fair has not been so well attended as usual.

The Manchester Guardian: April 11th 1850 (5/1)

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